What We Can Do to help you be successful

Imagine, within minutes your subject matter experts are creating test scripts that can be executed immediately. With the cloud solution, your test scenarios can be accessed from anywhere. You control who has access, who can create scripts and who is simply allowed to execute scripts.

  • Test scripts are quickly accessed, modified and prepared for execution
  • Web-based cloud solution with no additional client side requirements
  • Automatic defect tracking
  • Test script results can be categorized (unit, interface, integration, etc.) allowing for in-depth analysis
  • Test scripts can be easily imported using Microsoft Excel
  • Test plans (and corresponding test cases and test scripts) can be cloned
  • Emailing functionality
  • All results can be exported to PDF, XLS, HTML
  • Q-Assurance is very intuitive and user friendly
  • Cloud solution enables your company to focus on the testing task, not supporting another application